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New York, NY, USA

A forum for innovative HR thought leaders in U.S.

Now, more than ever, human capital is driving organizational value yet at the same time executives in charge of managing that human capital face marketplace complexities the likes of which we simply have not seen before. As CHROs deal with preparing for the mass exodus that will come as the Baby Boomers retire, they must also manage the intense cultural shift that Millennials are bringing to the work force, all while dealing with a skills landscape that is in constant flux as a result of rapid technological innovation and adoption. In the face of these and other pressures, HR executives must transition to being true business leaders and generators of organizational value while continuing to provide their traditional support function.

We're in a historic transition - one marked by challenges, but filled with possibilities. Preparing for the shift and making the right decisions in times of change can better position your enterprise to succeed.

The CHRO US Summit is a unique opportunity for the nation's greatest HR thinkers to collaborate on current industry challenges and trends. The event will include representatives from various industries, including health care, finance, insurance, government, telecom, utilities, education and more. Attending CHROs and HR executives engage in peer-on-peer networking, while discussing the issues currently affecting the Human Resources community.

As an HR leader in America, now is the time to produce real business value for your organization. We at CDM Media know that in order for you to take time out of the office, it must be time well spent. The CHRO US Summit agenda offers a balanced schedule of focused educational sessions, one-on-one meetings and networking opportunities that will maximize your time and efforts, providing you with ideas and strategies truly capable of changing business practices.


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